Introducing BRMC’s Recreation and Programs Manager

You might see a new face in the BRMC community.

Please welcome Justin Kotzmoyer to the POA Team as BRMC’s Recreation and Programs Manager. Justin comes to us via Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he attended Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania and studied Sports Management.

After a brief sales position in the Sports Management field Justin realized his true love was to be more involved in outdoor pursuits and made a career decision to migrate towards recreation management. BRMC provides both outdoor and recreation opportunities year-round making it the perfect fit for Justin to share his enthusiasm and expertise.

Since that time he has held various recreation management positions with multiple outdoor and campus oriented organizations. His most recent experience was with Ferrum College in Virginia as the Intramural Sports Director.

Justin is a member of the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) and has held multiple certifications including Wilderness First Responder and PSIA Ski Instructor Certifications. He strives to always continue growing his professional knowledge and ensuring he stays atop the most recent trends and studies.

Outside of work, Justin enjoys spending time in the outdoors hiking, running, biking, climbing or just relaxing. Being in the mountains and exploring the High Country are a passion for Justin and we believe his enthusiasm and knowledge will be very beneficial for our team and our members.

Nick Presnell, Sales and Marketing Manager for BRMC, is delighted to welcome Justin to the Hospitality team. “Justin plans to change the programming for owners at Blue Ridge Mountain Club by creating an adventure-forward and elevated lifestyle experience with something for everyone.”

Justin will initially focus on developing outdoor recreational programs. His primary goal will be to engage BRMC owners and guests in healthy, enriching and fun-filled events and experiences. Justin will also take over more of the administrative and management duties at the fitness center, allowing Melissa and Alisha to focus more attention on wellness and fitness activities and training.

We hope you will all join us in welcoming Justin to the BRMC team and community. We are excited to see how he will enhance the lives of the BRMC community.


What’s In A Wine Pairing? A Look Into the Ever-Changing World of Wine

For most, drinking wine is nothing more than a passing selection based solely on name or label. For others, selecting a bottle is akin to choosing the perfect tool for the job.

The former will choose the same wine regardless of the meal, with no regard to pairing complementary tones. As with anything, the more you put into it, the more you’re going to get out of it.

Joshua Purdy, Clubhouse/Food and Beverage Manager at Blue Ridge Mountain Club, is a dedicated member of the latter—a firm believer that choosing the perfect wine requires deep understanding of both wine and culinary techniques.

Purdy is more than a casual wine drinker. As a Level 2 sommelier, he’s spent an immense amount of time not only tasting wine but studying growing techniques and learning from vineyard masters. “There is a lot of science that goes into a proper wine pairing. Matching the acidity, body, and complexity of the wine to the dish is very important but keeping people inside or near their comfort zone is just as important. “

Purdy’s goal is to guide members through a new experience with every tasting and meal by designing new pairings that emphasize differences while complementing flavors and stretching the members’ comfort zones. While it’s vital to match a wine to the person and situation, Purdy has his personal go-to. “My favorite blend would be Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre–a blend that is most well known in the Rhone Valley region of France.”

Purdy emphasizes the need to continue learning and exploring. “The world of wine is constantly evolving, and, because of that, books become outdated very quickly.”

Luckily, staying current with new flavors and latest trends doesn’t demand a cross-country jaunt to Napa Valley. Instead, the trip is no further than your backyard. “The wine drinking culture in the High Country is actually pretty eclectic,” Purdy explains of the Blue Ridge wine scene, “but leans a little toward new world wines­­—specifically, Napa Valley Cabernets, Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays.”

It doesn’t require countless hours poring over vineyard techniques to craft the perfect pairing. The best place to start is with some curiosity and experimentation.

Raise a Glass to BRMC’s New Sommelier

Cheers to Joshua Purdy

Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC) is dedicated to providing elevated lifestyle experiences for our owners — from premier amenities to outdoor adventures to events that build camaraderie and community. Now, we’re excited to announce a new addition to our team who will further enhance our dining and culinary offerings at Blue Ridge Mountain Club.

Allow us to introduce Joshua Purdy, a Level 2 Sommelier who brings his passion and expertise for wine and flavor profiles to BRMC.

With Joshua’s guidance, owners and their guests will be treated to a next-level culinary experience. You’ll find him chatting with Chef Michael White, collaborating on pairings that elevate our cocktail and wine menu; leading tastings to help owners and guests explore exciting new wines; and offering suggestions for your next round of drinks at the Lookout Grill.

He enjoys encouraging guests to push the boundaries of their palates and try something new — whether it’s little-known labels, types of wine they’ve never heard of, or different variations of the flavors they already love. For him, being a sommelier is all about service and creating a memorable experience. And whatever wine profile you’re looking for, Joshua has a pairing for you. As he gets settled in, owners can swing by the Lookout Grill and Jasper House to say hello — and maybe offer a toast to his welcome (with his recommended vino, of course).

Having Joshua join our team is the next step in creating a well-rounded and elevated mountain living experience, with access to newly enhanced dining options as well as the other amenities, events, and adventures that our owners enjoy every day. To learn more about our premier High Country community, contact Team BRMC, the official Sales Team of Blue Ridge Mountain Club, and schedule a tour today.

To learn more about this premier High Country living experience, contact Team BRMC, the official Sales Team of Blue Ridge Mountain Club.