Fall Leaf Season In the High Country

Southern Living has repeatedly named the Blue Ridge Mountains as one of the greatest locations for fall scenery (and for good reason)! Every year people come to the High Country from all over the country to take in the vibrant treelines.

Starting in late September and continuing until early November, the trees in the Blue Ridge Mountains begin to turn to burnt orange, deep crimson red, and golden yellow. These storybook landscapes make fall time in the High Country a favorite for many visitors and locals alike. While Mother Nature isn’t always predictable, the Appalachian State University Biology Department does provide a few forecasts to help you plan when to catch the most vibrant array of colors!

When it comes to enjoying the beautiful fall leaves, they are hard to miss! A walk through downtown Blowing Rock or a short drive through Boone will show an array of colors. Here at Blue Ridge Mountain Club, the incredible leaves line the roads as you drive up to the gates and provide breathtaking views across the community. But, there are several stand out locations known for the phenomenal views they provide of the autumn leaves.

First, the Blue Ridge Parkway is a perfect place to observe the fall foliage. A drive down the scenic route provides a view of the vibrant colors at one of the many overlooks. There are also stops along the way for those looking to explore a bit more on foot.

Grandfather Mountain is a favorite vantage point from which to see the vibrant fall scenery. This location even hosts a series of guided walks during the first week of October called the “Fall Color Ramble” that showcases the colors of fall and learn about the native plants. The high elevations make fall views even more magical!

Howard’s Knob, located a short distance from downtown Boone, is also a great place to take in the fall spectacle. The overlook provides a beautiful view of the trees on Appalachian State University’s campus. This location hosts several trails for those of all hiking abilities to enjoy the scenery.

The fall season in the High Country is nothing short of picture perfect. Get some fresh air, take in the views, and enjoy the spectacular show that the Blue Ridge Mountain leaves provide.


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