Adventure Is Always In Season Here

With a 6,000+ acre backyard, BRMC and the High Country brings the great outdoors to life. Take your friends and family out for a UTV ride on the shaded pathways throughout the property. Build a fire and enjoy a night under the stars at the Grapevine Gap Campground. Wind and weave one of the many scenic trails that make up the BRMC Trail System, whether you are a novice or a skilled hiker. And just a short drive from the gates of BRMC are several exquisite waterfalls, hiking trails, and rivers to explore. Our four-season, year-round community presents BRMC owners with limitless possibilities to get outdoors—both inside the gates and out.


Expansive Trail Network

Our trail network is as vast and varied as those found in many national parks, snaking across all 6,000+ acres of BRMC mountain land. Unspoiled beauty abounds. Families will enjoy miles of scenic trails and forested landscapes to explore throughout the change of seasons. Use our trail map below to go exploring.




Take off on miles of forested trails and scenic paths specially designed for UTV/ATVs. Blue Ridge Mountain Club is one of only a handful of communities to offer this sought-after amenity in Western North Carolina and the surrounding areas. We offer on-site UTV rentals through an exclusive partnership to our guests.


Hiking, Fitness & Camping

Whether you like a leisurely stroll through the woods or a more difficult and adventurous hike, families enjoy miles of scenic trails to explore throughout the change of seasons.


Freshwater ponds and creeks abound at BRMC. In fact, there are a number of coveted fishing holes with tucked-away nooks and crannies along the 64 miles of streams on property—all brimming with mountain brook trout.

Streams & Falls

BRMC lays claim to miles of creeks and streams on property, intermittent and perennial, along with pocket wetlands, and a variety of waterfalls, all of which are mapped. Our current state classification is ORW, which stands for “Outstanding Resource Watershed,” a designation we intend to maintain through careful use and preservation of our natural resources.

Flora & Fauna

BRMC is pristine and preserved, sculpted and nurtured by Mother Nature, and home to a wide variety of indigenous flora and fauna that thrives throughout our 6,000+ acres. Chesnuts, maples, black and white oaks, and towering pines abound. The land is also teeming with deer, fox, wild turkey, grouse, and a multitude of bird species that also call BRMC home.


Dugger Mountain Overlook

To grasp the beauty and vast natural landscape surrounding you at BRMC, take it all in and enjoy the fresh mountain air at one of our several overlook points or green spaces. The Dugger Mountain Overlook, shown here, provides a panoramic view of the BRMC community.


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