Lookout Grill chef brings a culinary flair as panoramic as the views

Moroccan Roasted Half Chicken with a creamy cauliflower puree, roasted heirloom carrots, and a Mediterranean couscous salad….

Ahi Tuna Tacos, seared in a Jicama shell with orange ginger slaw, wasabi aioli, and cilantro…

Fresh Veggie Croque Madame, toasted sourdough slathered in a Mornay sauce then covered with seasonal veggies and gruyere cheese.

These are just some of the eclectic, wildly enticing menu items you’ll discover at Blue Ridge Mountain Club’s new Lookout Grill, a magnificent amenity for owners and guests at this stunning High Country community. Like the mercurial Appalachian breezes that rove, ramble, and hopscotch from ridge to ridge, so the menu here changes on a whim, governed by seasonal fare and the chef’s capricious inspiration. Chef Dustin Elliott has brought a passion and creativity that is as impressive as the pristine outdoor setting that frames this remarkable new venue. “How can one not be inspired by this setting?” says Dustin. “I mean, these views are incredible. Just coming here each day fires me up to create cuisine that is equally inviting and satisfying.”

“I like to travel the world through my food”

Dustin is able to draw on a rich history in the kitchen, working with a number of skilled chefs whose influences span the globe. “I guess you could say the menu has a modern international flair that reflects my varied influences over the years,” says Dustin. “But even so, the High Country of Western North Carolina is also a big influence. It presents certain vegetables and seasonal possibilities to give it a distinctly mountain flair, as well. Sometimes we just look at what’s available each month and then try to come up with menu creations that are a twist on a familiar recipe. Fortunately, the families here have been very supportive and encouraging and like the fact that we are always experimenting and introducing new items.”

Lookout Grill part of new amenity release at BRMC

BRMC officially announced the Grand Opening of three brand new, state-of-the-art amenities this past June: Ascent Wellness & Fitness, Jasper Club House, and Lookout Grill. “This is so important to BRMC and all of our owners,” says General Manager Jim Pitts. “A lot goes into creating premier amenities like these—from the planning, to the design, to the logistics, to the construction—it’s a huge undertaking. And it took a while to get it the way we wanted. But we nailed it and I couldn’t be more proud or grateful to all of the many people who contributed to this important addition to our community. This is a great time to be at BRMC.” As for the owners and families…well, they concur. “We’ve lived here for several years now and simply love it here,” says year-round homeowners Marilyn and Steven Lapidus. “To see these great new amenities and the level of quality craftsmanship and detail that went into these facilities is really something. These truly are premier amenities and they take BRMC to a whole other level. We couldn’t be happier.”

“Come try something new”

Chef Dustin loves when regular patrons come in and try different items on the menu. “That keeps me on my toes,” Dustin jokes. “Our goal is to give guests a unique experience each time they visit, we want people to always discover something new, whether it’s lunch, dinner, or brunch. I want people to experiment with different selections. And I want their honest feedback. That ensures we’ll be on top of our game. We want to make sure that we have a rich variety of selections to appeal to a wide palate. We also want to give each and every item that little something extra to make it special and memorable. We strive to make each meal special for families, every time they come to dine with us. That’s our true inspiration.”

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