Getting away from it all is a pretty short drive from Raleigh

Blue Ridge Mountain Club is the perfect mountain getaway for the Kuhn family

Sandy and Mike Kuhn have always loved the mountains of North Carolina.

Having relocated to Raleigh with Mike’s job more than a decade ago, the Kuhn’s became frequent visitors to the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains—traveling along the famed Parkway, hiking through rhododendron-filled forests, discovering tucked-away waterfalls, and exploring countless small mountain towns, each bestowing its own distinct charms. At some point along the way, they decided: “the North Carolina mountains are the place we want to

The lure of Blowing Rock

“Before we allowed ourselves to fall in love with any particular place we agreed it had to be convenient,” says Sandy, “which means an easy drive, within two or three hours. So immediately that ruled out Asheville, which is a five- or six-hour drive from Raleigh.”

The Kuhns were actually more drawn to the higher hills anyway, the towering elevations near Boone, Banner Elk, and Blowing Rock. The latter, in particular, cast an enchanting spell over Mike and Sandy.

“We both fell in love with Blowing Rock,” said Sandy. “It was like this perfect little mountain town—quaint, charming, and the people were so friendly.”

“Sandy is exactly right,” Mike adds. “That was the turning point in our decision. We knew we wanted to be close to Blowing Rock, for the dining and the shopping and everything else this little town offered.”

Stumbling into a natural paradise

Now that the Kuhns had established that proximity to Blowing Rock would factor into their future home-buying decision, they began looking in earnest at properties sprinkled throughout the High Country. “We took our time,” says Mike. “We wanted to make sure we found the right place: great views, good elevation, natural beauty, and a strong sense of community. And of course, it would ideally be located within a short drive of Blowing Rock.”

It was actually by pure chance that Sandy and Mike came upon Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC). “We were walking through town [Blowing Rock] one day and just stumbled into their Sales Office, which is in the center of town on Main Street.”

After spending some time in the office, talking to members of the BRMC Team and looking at property material, Mike and Sandy decided to take a drive over to the mountain community, just a few minutes away. Once they pulled up to the gate and beheld the awe-inspiring layers of mountains in the distance, their search was effectively over. “It was absolutely breathtaking,” Sandy says. “We had found our home.”

“Blue Ridge Mountain Club is the perfect mountain community for us. It’s an easy drive from Raleigh, just three hours. It’s within minutes of our favorite mountain town of Blowing Rock. And the elevation and views on property are unlike anything else we’ve ever seen.”
— Sandy & Mike Kuhn, Raleigh N.C. residents

Mountain living at The Craig

The Kuhns were actually the very first family to buy one of the new condominiums at Blue Ridge Mountain Club. Given their busy lives, The Mitchell—which is located at the Peaks in the Village at Watson Gap—afforded the ideal weekend getaway for Sandy and Mike. “It was perfect for us,” says Sandy.

“The views are tremendous and we are in the center of the new Village at Watson Gap which makes everything accessible and walkable.” The condominiums at The Mitchell and The Craig draw rugged beauty from the mountain landscape and present homeowners with an open, free-flowing layout that invites the outdoors in.

“We bought a two-bedroom unit with an attached studio,” says Mike. “We have the flexibility of locking that part off or expanding it for guests or when our kids come to visit. It’s a great feature.”

A permanent home for the future?

The Kuhns are so taken by Blue Ridge Mountain Club and the dynamic outdoor living experience it presents in the High Country that they are currently looking for the perfect lot to build a custom home when they retire.

“We are a few years away,” says Mike, “but we know this is where we eventually want to live year-round. We love the climate up here—there are four distinct seasons. We love the relaxed pace and the healthy lifestyle at Blue Ridge Mountain Club: hiking through the forest, riding ATVs on the trails, going to all the parties and community events here, and basically just living in this beautiful mountain setting.

There is a true sense of community here, throughout the year, no matter what the season. It doesn’t get any better.”

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