From Raleigh to Blue Ridge Mountain Club in Less than 3 Hours

“From our front door in Raleigh to our front door at Blue Ridge Mountain Club, it’s less than three hours.”

— Adam McCarthy,

When Raleigh residents Adam and Heather McCarthy were looking for the ideal vacation home they weren’t sure if they wanted beach, mountains, or lake. They just started looking everywhere they could think of in North Carolina and Virginia: “everything was on the table when we started,” they said. Fact of the matter was, Adam and Heather, along with their three children, enjoyed both mountain and coastal destinations. The only hard-and-fast criteria was that whatever location they chose for a second home had to be less than three hours away. “It was important that our new home be accessible on a moment’s notice so that we could truly take advantage of it,” says Adam. “That means it had to be an easy drive from Raleigh.”

A small mountain town tips the scales

Eventually the McCarthy’s came to the inevitable conclusion that they wanted mountains—in particular, the High Country of North Carolina. “It really came down to our love for Western North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountains,” says Adam. “And once we decided that, it was just a matter of time before we realized we wanted a home near Blowing Rock.” Recently named one of USA Today’s “10 Best Southern Small Towns,” and oozing with charm, Blowing Rock is the true gem of the High Country. It beckons travelers with fine cuisine, eclectic shops, art boutiques, and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. “We fell in love with Blowing Rock,” says Heather. “It was a deciding factor in where we were going to buy a home. We knew we wanted to be near this quaint little town.”

Love at first awe-inspiring sight

It was inevitable that the McCarthy’s would catch wind of Blue Ridge Mountain Club (BRMC). The community is, after all, just a scant few miles from Blowing Rock. And the town has a great relationship with BRMC—it feels almost like an extension of the community. “We were actually invited to an event at Blue Ridge Mountain Club by some folks we met in Blowing Rock,” says Heather. “From the moment we pulled up to the front gate, and saw those magnificent views, we knew this was the place for us. For us, Blue Ridge Mountain Club was clearly the gem of the High Country–just like Blowing Rock was the most charming small mountain town we visited. It was a perfect fit for our family.”

Embraced by the community

One of the things that distinguished Blue Ridge Mountain Club from other mountain communities is what they didn’t do. “The folks at Blue Ridge Mountain Club were very low key and easy to be around. They weren’t pushy,” says Adam. “Some of the other places were much more aggressive and trying to push us along faster than we were willing. At Blue Ridge Mountain Club, they let us take our time, answered our questions, and actually invited us to the property for a couple of member events without any pressure to buy. That was a wonderful gesture and made us truly feel welcome.” This also gave the McCarthy’s time to meet, and interact with, their new neighbors at BRMC social gatherings to get a taste of what membership here was really like. “There was a strong sense of community,” Heather says, “very genuine. You felt it right away. Everyone we met was friendly and truly hospitable. We felt quite at home.”

Blue Ridge Mountain Club is the ideal vacation home. It let’s us escape to the mountains whenever we want. Buying a home there was one of the best things we ever did.

Adam McCarthy,
Raleigh N.C. resident

The perfect weekend escape from Raleigh

The McCarthy’s ultimate deciding factor for buying their mountain home was the short drive from Raleigh. From their home in the dynamic urban center of Raleigh to the pristine natural setting of Blue Ridge Mountain Club was less than three hours. “I can’t tell you how important the easy drive time was to our purchasing decision,” says Adam. “It takes us two hours and fifty minutes door-to-door. So at a moment’s notice we can leave the stress and chaos of the city and enter this natural wonderland—riding ATV’s, hiking, fishing, swimming in the Blue Hole, or whatever. And that’s huge for us. We have three kids still at home. They’re all into sports and school events and a hundred other things so having the convenience of a mountain home that we can visit on weekends and holidays is very important to our family.”

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